Elhiem November releases! USMC, US Army, Iraqi's and more.

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Elhiem November releases! USMC, US Army, Iraqi's and more.

Postby elhiem on Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:28 am

After a very busy month we have quite a few new releases. Unfortunately I have not had chance to paint any of them and as usual the photos I have taken are pretty poor. As I already have had quite a number of people asking me to release these ASAP I have decided the photos will have to do.


New Releases: All in 'Modern Forces'

Law Enforcement : COPS03 a reworking of the COPS01 set adding the iconic peaked cap.

Iraq and Afghan:

SAD03 PKM Gunner £0.65

RG06 AT-5 and Crew £2.30
OBJ01 Downed Jet pilot running £0.65
OBJ02 Downed Helicopter crew running £0.65
F01 Special Forces (generic) vehicle crew £1.95
MCA05 USMC Sharpshooters £2.60
MCA06 USMC Support weapons £2.60
MCA07 Sniper team £1.30
MCA08 Specials Shotgun and Medic £1.30
MCA09 Officer and RTO £1.30
OIF07 HUMVEE weapon gunner £0.65
OIF08 Prone with Binoculars £0.65
OIF09 M40 prone and AT4 £1.30
OIF10 Kneeling fireteam £2.60

All figures are 1/72 (commonly known as 20mm).

Next on the drawing board are some wintery WW2 Soviets, so keep checking back to see when they are previewed!

Thanks for looking!

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